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Photo by Larkin Goff

Spirit Quest is a holistic healing and transformational journey. Spirit Quest, created by Anne Ribolow, originates from her 24 year involvement and participation in body, mind and spirit integrative health care. It is based on not just one approach, but a plethora of healing modalities designed to reconnect and align the body with the soul. It is an actual and visceral opportunity  to experience and awaken to one's Divine potential, to wholly love oneself, another and others.

Spirit Quest's journey is the path to where the suffering, fragmentation and search for one's self comes to an end. Where one can drop into the profundity of what is already given: Life, in all its magnificence and entirety. This is your Homeland.

Spirit Quest offers balanced integrative healing utilizing tools of shamanism, yoga and nutritional guidance. The creation and maintenance of self empowered health is of paramount importance.


Spirit Quest offers all of these healing modalities to you with absolute love and compassion. Whether you are requiring a major life transformation or a subtle shift, Anne will act as your guide and facilitator. 

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