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Shamanic healing, sensitively and lovingly working in ordinary and non-ordinary reality, reveals and releases the body mind and spirit from obstacles and uninvited energies. Lost soul parts are retrieved and integrated, creating health and well-being, wholeness, oneness. We arrive on our mountain, our home, our place of vulnerability and strength together.


Shamanic cleansing and blessings in your home or workspace create a clear, peaceful and loving space to enjoy and flourish with the additional benefit of Feng Shui principles.

Painting by Barnaby Ruhe


Heart of Yoga is based on the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikschar. Anne's students are taught an authentic practice where the breath is paramount and the practice is adapted to meet their individual needs and requirements. Yoga is merely and profoundly the enjoyment and participation of  life given.


The Five Tibetan Rites also known as 'The Fountain of Youth,' were discovered being practiced many years ago by Tibetan monks high in the Himalayas. Practiced 10 minutes daily, this ancient yogic practice works internally to balance the chakras resulting in health, vitality and longevity. They are said to reverse the effects of aging!


Anne's guidance in nutrition  is based upon her personal experience over 26 years eating fresh organic, non processed, mainly vegetarian, non GMO food, with the added benefit of food combining for optimum assimilation and vitality. Mother Earth's bounty.

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