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Anne is a transformational Guide and Integrative Healer. Growing up in New Zealand immersed in nature, enjoying a life of healthy outdoor pursuits, Anne's involvement in health and shamanism developed as a direct response to this environment.


She moved to NYC in 1989 and while working in the health food industry became interested and certified as an acupressurist. During this time, Anne began practicing Ashtanga yoga which she later taught and in 1995 met her yoga teacher, Mark Whitwell, becoming a certified Heart of Yoga teacher. A serendipitous meeting in 1994 with Gabrielle Roth, urban shaman and creator and founder of the 5Rhythms®, led to Anne becoming Gabrielle's healer for many years and also an avid dancer of the 5Rhythms. Barnaby Ruhe PhD, introduced Anne into the Shamanic realm, infusing her healing skills with core shamanism. Anne became a client and student of Transformational Guide, Jon Cuizon. Under his guidance she underwent intensive inner-outer exploration for more than two years, learning to apply dynamic, multi-dimensional, love-based healing principles to all aspects of her life. In 2011, when she was able to fully demonstrate her ability to integrate them into her healing practices, she was initiated as a Transformational Guide.


Anne currently works with clients individually, either in person or over video conference, applying Spirit Quest's healing modalities. She teaches The Trilogy in New York City and New Zealand.  Anne's full undivided attention will be given to you wherever you may be. Her energy will flow and connect with you, healing, clearing, restoring, fostering acceptance, love and joy for life itself!

BA in Education

NZ Qualified Teacher

Registered Acupressurist

Certified Heart of Yoga Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner



My heart is filled with love, humility and deep appreciation for the great teachers in my life. Their wisdom and guidance continues to shape my unfolding in the Great Mystery, the gift of Life. 

GABRIELLE ROTH, creator and founder of the 5Rhythms® movement meditation practice. An inscription written from ' Maps to Ecstasy , teachings of an Urban Shaman ' by Gabrielle Roth:

To sweet Anne

 My savior

 My healer

 My inspiration! 


Blessing and Bliss,


MARK WHITWELL, founder of Heart of Yoga, author of Yoga of Heart and The Promise:

Anne Ribolow has committed a life time to the study and practice of yoga in every way, on and off the yoga mat. A friend for decades now I have seen Anne time and time again deliver the refinements of yoga that empowers her students. Above all she cares for her students to an absolute degree as she adapts yoga to their individual needs.

BARNABY RUHE, PhD, cofounder of Shamandome Healers Camp at Burningman, Shamanista proponent of mixing healing methods with core shamanic channeling of spirit guides, and Soul Retrieval worker.

Anne lays her eyes on you and you are held in spirit. With spirit. Her embrace of your healing shift is light hearted, gravely tender, and sure. I have seen her working her healings a hundred times and know she is empowered by a dozen sensible protocols from various healing modalities, but there is only one fixed point, you. Together you resituate onto your mountain. Where you belong and in your grace. Whew!!  Anne, as no other, knew what she was getting from me for what job. It is essential to come to a healing with various tools, only one of which is dialogue, touch is critical, but what touch. Who has the touch. Many clients I sent her have thanked me in the deepest gratitiude. I'll take it.  But it wasn't me. 


Transformational work requires an honest unswerving commitment beyond the cure, to heal.  Healing is a connection between the multidimensional self, the soul and Spirit, a full accountability and alignment to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, and a responsibility to this planet and mindfulness of all her sentient beings.  Anne has been awakening to this work through a lifetime of experiences that are clearly orchestrated by divine providence and her unquenchable need to express the beauty of her own life's blessings. She continually expands and hones her skills as a transformational guide, but above all, it is her noteworthy intuition, her loving presence, open heart, sensitivity and courage that are her most valuable gifts that can help you joyfully fall in love with life, maybe for the first time. She is genuinely humane, inspired, compassionate, loving and without judgment. Trust her completely and deeply, and transform your life, if that is your will and your choice.

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