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Anne is a natural and gifted shaman… She will help guide you to your inner truth and encourage you to root in the ground of your deepest knowing as effortlessly as breathing. With her friendly integrity and joyous spirit she alchemizes wondrous possibilities wherever she goes. I trust her to walk with me through the darkest pain and the lightest joy with equanimity, gentleness and skill at transforming everything into love.  

Jules Cazedessus 

Anne has a gentle and profound way of creating and then holding a very safe space for healing and exploration of spirit. The magic in Anne's work is that to engage with her is like experiencing a soft breeze... it's gentle, welcome, restorative, and yet the explorations have deep life-changing, beautiful effects.  I highly recommend experiencing her offerings, she is keyed-in, deeply perceptive, offers a richness and generosity of support and her guidance is loving and gentle.  Simply put, Anne is good for the soul!


Maria Lomanto

Anne Ribolow is one of the deepest most attuned and wise healers I ever met! She is sweet and loving in her demeaner while having an incredible strength that brings out the beauty and true essence from within people! I love working with Anne. I highly recommend her Spirit Quest Sessions for anyone interested in sacred transformative healing.


Jennifer Krueger

Anne is a spiritual angel.  Anne Ribolow's work helps us focus and experience more JOY especially when life becomes an emotional roller coaster.  Anne much gratitude for the guidance so we can fully enjoy life's ride. 


Joy and Bart Potenza, co-owners Candle Cafe East and West & Candle 79

Anne emanates a sturdy grounding from the moment you encounter her, to the deepest realms of her guided navigation of the human and animal condition. I can relax and trust myself in ways I was not previously able, knowing and feeling her presence, attention and devotion in her work. The work is subtle, powerful and profound. Anne allows you to have your own experience, while also knowing just the right time to join you in order to catch the potentially overlooked gift we bring to ourselves.


Whether you have a practice, or you have never gone into any form of vision quest of meditation, I recommend the opportunity to work with Anne Ribolow, as she will be able to meet you exactly where you are and travel with you on your journey.


Mark Read

I have been Anne's chiropractor for over 14 years. Her vitality, body and well being is a true reflection of how effectively Spirit Quest creates an optimization of serenity as well as enhancing mental and physical strength. When she works with me, I am transformed, an hour session approaching the effects of being at a wellness resort for a week! It's a pleasure to open my eyes after a session and harmonize with the universe!


Roy H. Siegel, D.C.


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