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Anne Ribolow invites you to  Spirit Quest's Common Threads, the second workshop in The Trilogy

Common Threads is a fascinating and revealing workshop identifying, accepting and befriending our Shadow and our Wholeness.

Here we shed light, accept and transform familiar triggers that run like Common Threads throughout our lives  weaving the same themes, creating  the same disappointments,  reactions and outcomes all played out within different scenarios. These are the threads that thwart our serenity, highest good, expansion and joy but are also the threads of pure gold, treasure troves.
These Common Threads bind us to the same vibrational frequency, while life simultaneously and generously offers  a myriad of opportunities

whereby we can ascend beyond these familiar yet restrictive boundaries.Together we will actualize transformation through ritual, visualization, movement, shamanic journeying and will come to an acceptance of our totality offering forgiveness to ourselves, another and others with love and gratitude.


Anne Ribolow invites you to participate in this opportunity to embrace your true nature, experience your inherent freedom and enjoyment of life, your connection to the pool of Oneness.

Wear comfortable clothing for movement.
Bring a journal and pen.

Opening ceremony begins at 10.30am so please arrive earlier to settle.


Location: Eastbourne Library, upstairs


Exchange: $40 
Bookings and Enquires: Anne 562 8821, 0210355215


Spirit Quest invites you to Homeland, the third transformational workshop in The Trilogy. Homeland is an explorative journey to the inner sanctum of your whole being. The seat of your soul, your place of refuge, your Heart. Here we stand together, alone in our completeness, able to speak with integrity, authenticity, compassion and love, trusting the language of the Heart. 


Through the pathway of ritual, breath-based movement, meditation and shamanic journeying, you will experience your Homeland, your unique spirit and your Oneness with all. Anne Ribolow will be your Transformational Guide.




You are invited to a fireside gathering introducing Spirit Quest and celebrating the launching of the website.

Journey for your power animal and enjoy the company of like-minded spirits embracing awakened consciousness.



Life offers us all a myriad of possible life changing opportunities, some disguised mysteriously as an obstacle. Do we try to forcefully push through using the same old tactics, tuck our tail under and admit defeat, or pause to observe and reflect? What if this obstacle is actually a sacred stepping stone paving your way to freedom?


Bring your obstacles to Common Threads on Saturday October 18th 10.30- 2.30pm. Perhaps more stepping stones will be revealed in this transformational workshop which will allow us to tread lightly across with reverence and compassion to new beginnings.

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