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The Trilogy, created by Anne, is a series of three transformational workshops designed as a practical means to experience your Roots of grounded connection, reveal and befriend your Common Threads  the shadow, and deliver you to your Homeland trusting the language of your Heart.


Each interactive workshop  utilizes Spirit Quest's healing modalities, guiding you  safely through the pathway of ritual, visualization, simple breath based movement, and shamanic journeying. 


The Trilogy takes you on a sequential adventure with Roots being  the first workshop in the series.


Roots creates a stable base, your balance, reconnection and will 'root' your energy in the earth. This forms the groundwork for the transformational journey, the safety net, and is the 'take off' and 'landing strip' for all of your exploration. Roots establishes empowering tools to ground your energy and maintain connection within the constant nurturing and supportive womb of Mother Earth.


Common Threads, the second workshop in The Trilogy, summons up  courage and with utmost safety, love and compassion, sheds light to observe those old triggers forever lurking in the shadows, replaying themselves in your life like a broken record... same theme, different scene. These  are the triggers that sabotage your serenity, growth and connection to the pool of humanity, our oneness. Here you will befriend your Shadow and develop healthy coping mechanisms which support your highest good and well being.



Homeland the final workshop in The Trilogy, seamlessly arises once the veil of illusion clouding your reality has been revealed in Common Threads. You will  now be able to recognize the Shadow at work, shift gears and intuitively follow your Heart's desire and calling.  In Homeland you  will learn how to surrender to and trust the language of the Heart, to live in accordance with authenticity, integrity, intuition, compassion and love.

It is not a requirement that the three workshops be taken sequentially, but it is suggested that Roots be your starting point as this forms the basis for the transformational work.

See SCHEDULE for upcoming workhops.

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